First Impressions

To get things started for me, I'm just going to post a few things about me.

The reason I have started this blog is to gain some personal insight to blogging and blogging sites and hopefully I can give some blogs that readers will appreciate. I have never done a blog or wrote a diary before. And a great thing about this is that I can keep my notes available anywhere/anytime. It is possible in the far future that I am grateful for making this blog. I don't know why though..
Another thing that I am currently learning and working on is learning web coding. I took a web design class in high school and I'm trying to remember everything now and using my school servers to host my experimental web pages. If you can give my any tips on coding or programming, then I'd greatly appreciate it. Mysite: http://djgoodwi.myweb.usf.edu/

Quick Favorites List:

Games – DDR, Guitar Hero, Super Mario Brothers

Artists – The Beatles, Weird Al Yankovic (lyrics/stoners)

Number – Twenty-Three (Born 23Nov88)

Music Group – Blue Men Group (Great instruments and sounds)

Color – Black is no color, so, blue

Food – Meat-Lovers Pizza (I don't care for sushi, fish, or vegetables)

Animal – White Tiger

TV Shows – The Simpsons, House M.D., and all Japanese Game Shows

Subject – Math

Sport – Soccer. Then Racquetball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, et cetera...

Anyone else have favorites to share?

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