Early Memories

Today when I was talking to my friends we went down memory lane. We tried to say the things that stood out in our lives when we were young, like in elementary school. And now I want to store that list on the internet so that I will never forget it. Please add to the list via comment if you can think of anything else. I'd like to read your stories.

- AR (Accelerated Reader) - A reading program designed to make children read, test knowledge on what they read, and score points to trade in for prizes. This program started at my school when I was in third grade and it definitely gave me an incentive to read. I became the top reader (leading in points) at my school and in the cafeteria it showed that. All along the walls of the cafeteria showed who in the school had the most points and there was no other guy who ever came close to getting the same amount of points that I gained.

- Four Square - The best game ever when you only have four squares on the ground and a kickball in hand. There was also the game in middle school, and not really popular in high school. I tried my best to bring it back, but failed unfortunately.

- Kickball - The best game ever when you only have a little bit of space on the ground and a kickball in hand. And see above.

- Nap Time - Too easy. Got it in Pre-Kindergarten (and Kindergarten?), didn't have it the rest of elementary school, none in middle school, none in high school (well, not supposed to in class at least), and college grants more sleep during the day than at night. ;)

- Number Munchers / Super Munchers - I was always great at mathematics and definitely showed in my first grade class. I would always finish math (and other assignments) way before anybody else and I was allowed to play learning games on the computer (remember 5" floppy disks?). Needless to say that I got the high school on the computers. And I was kinda upset that I never saw or played the game past elementary school. But, I never forgot about it and within the past year have found the game again. I'm happy. :)

- Oregon Trail - The object of this game is to get to Oregon. You must cross rivers, hunt for food, and keep your wagon in tip-top shape because at the end of the game you get to entirely change the game style and ride your wagon down a river. I think I liked it, but was more in to Number Munchers and Super Munchers.

- Pokemon - Which led to Digimon, Yugioh, and other cartoons and card games also. I liked to watch Pokemon a lot when I was small, but never got into the card games because I didn't have lots extra money to spend it on cards. My parents taught me well.

- Power Rangers - So cool with all their jumps and flips and taking a minute for each to change to their shiny uniforms.

I will add more to this post later, I like to be organized.

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Axl said...

This definitely brings back memories.