Japan's 9.0 Tsunami

Why is there no looting in Japan? http://goo.gl/mYlh6

The tsunami across the world and aftershocks: http://goo.gl/2U0eu



The Dance Assassin!

This is the Dance Assassin - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wo1hW6_-d_Q
Urban Ninja =D

. Anonsage


Obesity Worries

Since I'm worried about getting obese. I kept track of Calories, fat, and Sodium today. Good thing I got two double cheese burgers and two cups of fries with lots of ketchup from Five Guys I can't count. I only got them because they were for free provided graciously because of the church Crosswinds at USF. Other than that and the two oatmeal creme pies. Here's my intake stats for the day:

    2075 Calories, 72g Fat = 110% DV Fat, and 4110mg Na = 175.5% DV Na.

I believe this is one of my best days because the past few days I have been eating 5-6 meals each day and that was barely enough. More eventually.

And today was only one hour of soccer and one hour of softball. I was planning an hour of racquetball and 2-3 hours of volleyball, but I have restrained myself. I have homework to do.



Short Weekend Longer

The weekend was too short. If we agree to make each hour during the week one minute shorter, then the weekend can be two hours longer. That's a start.



"Relativity Of Wrong" by Isaac Asimov


Just spent time reading it because it was by Isaac Asimov. And it was worth it. The essay talks about how no theories are "right" but how some are more right than others. He bashes Socrates which is fun. 

"Right" and "Wrong" are not absolute.


School Soccer Season Starts Soon

IM soccer starting next week. For me there will be coed Mondays 10pm and mens Wednesday 10pm. I love it. I haven't played a real game of soccer for over a year now because of deployment. I'll see what skills I've retained when I go to practice today.

Other IMs coming up: Sand Volleyball, Softball, Racquetball, 5k Run. And I though I was only going to do soccer this semester. haha.



Week Reflected

I don't usually have the time to sit down and think about how my day or week went, but I'm loving this weekend.  I don't have to do any work until Sunday. Last time I had free time was over three weeks ago.

Why I have loved this week:
- I've played a sport a day since last Friday (table tennis, flag football). Last Sat was over four hours of IM flag football that I'm still hurting from. Sunday was IM basketball, Monday was racquetball, Tuesday/Wednesday was volleyball, Thursday was indoor soccer, Friday was free running (I thought about dodgeball, but couldn't go through with it), and today was two long hours of tennis at the hottest part of the day. =D
- Linear Systems (math) test on Friday which I have done maybe eight problems from over fifty assigned from the beginning of the semester. So, I was really worried about it and the possible proofs that I would have to do. Turns out that half the test is proofs and I find out that I'm pretty good at it subconsciously. Because consciously I had no idea what I was doing, but I just kept writing for them and it worked! The grades aren't out yet, but I'm sure I got a 100%. =D
- My first full song on the guitar that isn't just chords... Blackbird by The Beatles! It's a real motivator because the faster I play it, the better it sounds. And it already sounds pretty good at quarter speed lol. And I got Nightmare Before Christmas sheet music. =D
- I've counted thirteen websites/blogs that I'm running/like to keep track of. It's on my to-do list to combine some of them.
- Met up with two good friends that I haven't seen in over a year. =D
- It's great to remember things that make you happy. =]


Chicken Corn Chowder Taste Test

Chicken Corn Chowder has always been one of my favorite foods. And I just had to find out which is best canned brand that I could get because going to the oriental restaurants is not always ideal. Only two brands in this little experiment, Campbell's Chunky Chicken Corn Chowder & Chef's Cupboard's Chunky Chicken Corn Chowder.
Taste test results: Chef's Cupboard is much better than Campbell's. Both of them taste great and have chicken, corn, and potatoes in them. But, Chef's Kitchen's brand has probably twice as much corn and chicken which really enjoy.

Campbell's brand came from Winn-Dixie. Chef's Cupboard brand came from Aldi (and is less than half the price).