How To Get More Free Space For Dropbox

First, what is Dropbox?
A free service that syncs all your files anywhere, including computers, phones, and the Dropbox website. In my words, it's organized and efficient and increases productivity; It's extremely useful.

Why is Dropbox useful?
It allows your files saved on one computer to be immediately available on all your computers and phones, automatically. Dropbox also allows files and folders to be shared easily (all files are private by default). I use it for all of my school projects, especially when it's a group project. I also have my phone set up so that pictures I take are uploaded automatically.

How do I get more free space?
There are many ways, including:

  • Take the Dropbox tour = +250MB
  • Link to Twitter/Facebook = +250MB
  • Referring others = +500MB for referrer AND referee
  • Being a part of the annual Dropquest = +1GB or more

I've been meaning to blog about this for a long time, glad I've gotten around to it finally. This was written so that I can easy share with all my friends, classmates, and co-workers this free awesome service (They do have paid upgrades though). And I wanted to share my referral link online. =D
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Difference Between Revolution and Civil War

"What's the difference between a revolution and civil war?

Who won. If the revolutionists won, then it's a revolution. If the government won, then it's a civil war."
- Somebody Else

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One Cup Per Person

Idea: Everybody in the world only gets one cup/bottle.

Perhaps with a LiquiGlide coating.

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Omnipotent and Omniscient

Theoretically, if you are omnipotent (all-powerful) and omniscient (all-knowing), what do you do? What do you do after that?

Think past the first answer. The objective here is to think past the things that may be on the top of your head. What do you do after you think of everything?

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ps - I wrote this down a year ago on my computer and am just now posting it online. Something else I also wrote about this was, "philosophy, not psychology." I'm still trying to figure out exactly why I wrote that part.. hmm...


Always being considerate during everyone's follies's gonna heal individuals' jaunty kinda life. Meaning, niceness overabundance pleases quite reassuringly some to undergo viewing wombats XOXOing yodeling zebras.

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Is there a problem where first finding/solving the worst-case scenario makes finding the optimal solution much easier?