Procrastinating Productivity - It's a Good Thing

It seems the more I feel unproductive, the more I want become productive.

I was just thinking of this because two days ago I played some awesome volleyball for six hours straight. It was great relaxation and social time. And right afterwards I was motivated for some all night Android coding. The entire all-nighter was productive.

It was definitely worth it to take that half-day break.

This is not the only case of having pure productivity, it happens all the time. But, there are certain conditions necessary first. Mainly, having a clear goal/plan-of-attack. Spending 5-10 minutes to create a definite list saves you from unproductive time.
And, my personal condition for productivity is having a clear/clean workspace where I can easily concentrate on only one thing at a time. (I know a few people who can work in messy areas, so whatever works.. make it so)

Someone who has read enough about productivity that any more would be unproductive,
~ Simply Advanced ~

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