Third Choice Idea

I have just thought up with what I have now decided to call, a 'third-choice idea.' I think you understand what that means just from itself.

Usually people try to determine between two choices, this or that, right or wrong, yes or no. But, there is at least a third option, maybe. And this is a great time to mention fuzzy logic also, I'm glad I took that class at USF. And Isaac Asimov's The Relativity of Wrong while I am thinking of it.

I believe there is always another way to look at things happening around. Don't be satisfied with your current limited viewpoint.

Hmm, I guess compromise would be a synonym of third-choice. But, think of the word "compromise" as having a positive connotation.. at least you are getting part of something you wanted.

"Alternative" would be a better synonym, the way I'm thinking of a third choice ideas.. Perhaps even the word "innovative" would be my best choice for describing a third choice idea.

Now, when I start talking about third-choice ideas in my blog posts I'll have something to refer back to.

~ Simply Advanced ~

ps - I'm hoping my writing ability increases at least linearly, Ω(n) ;], with the number of posts I write.

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