Get Things Done - Priority List

Recently, a friend commended me for the ability to concentrate and stay productive throughout the day, day after day.

One thing about me is that I treat my [Internet] bookmarks and emails as a todo list. I also have a physical and virtual notepad on both my physical and virtual desktop where I keep track of things I want/need to do.

But, just having todo lists isn't enough for many people. So, for those who don't have the willpower to take a "just do it" attitude towards daily and/or important tasks, there is a solution.


  • Think of your todo lists as priority lists instead. And, there can only be one #1 priority task to do at a time. Then, just do that task without thinking whether or not you should do that one or something else.

Get started now. You don't need to waste time reading more productivity guides and how-to's; Any thing besides what's on the priority list will just waste your valuable time.

~ Simply Advanced ~

Your Way Is The Best Way

My way of doing things is better than your way. But, your way of doing things is better than mine.

What does that mean?

When people use their survivalist instincts, they will do things the best way they know how. ("Best" is a very opinionated word and will mean different things to different people.) So, until they hear/understand another method, everybody should be able to say to themselves that they know best.

But, remember.. there is always a better idea out there.

It should be a goal for everybody to understand different ways to accomplish tasks. The way to find out about different methods is to talk to others or read. Only then can you truly say your way is the best way.

~ Simply Advanced ~


Quick Math - Apps and Ideas

tl;dr - Just skim the bullet points.

Just a quick look around on Google Search and I see that there are currently around 600,000 apps available in Google Play. (I don't include iOS apps because same apps are double counted for the iPad versions, so there are actually much less apps there.)

  • 600,000 different apps.

Now, anybody can see that there are multiple apps for every function that you want an app to perform. I will be lenient and say that there is on average 100 apps for every idea/function. Ex: 100 note-taking apps, 100 camera apps, 100 unit converters, flashlights, Angry Birds.. Some have less, some have many more repeats.

  • 6,000 unique apps
So, does that mean there are only 6,000 ideas in the world?

There's got to be more ideas, I'm sure we'll come up with them soon.

~ Simply Advanced ~

Random App Ideas

I randomly come up with app ideas and usually write them down in my notebook. Sometimes I feel like sharing my many different ideas with the world so that I am forced to come up with even better ideas.

  • Screen share mobile-to-mobile 
  • Permanent Clipboard
  • StumbleUpon Mobile App version
  • Facebook without Facebook app -  basically pull Fb data to a Contacts app and include messages
  • Range [distance] Finder using camera, or sound, or shadows
  • App that creates real-world-value. Perhaps, something like a mobile version of Mechanical Turk or Bitcoin Generator et cetera.
  • How-to guides for specific topics
  • Connect game controllers to phones (wire, Bluetooth, built-in stand..)
  • Fire-starter, possibly need hardware like capacitor to help generate a spark
  • Taser app, extended from above. Or just use vibrate and fake sounds.
  • Log everything app
  • 3D Where's Waldo or 3D iSpy or 3D Highlights. Instead of just finding everything on screen you must orientate the phone different ways to pan around (or just allow touch scrolling)
  • Find Ghosts game app, extended from above. To be played in an open field. Can only see ghosts when looking through phone

I know of many types of app, but I haven't heard of these types yet. And I deleted just one idea that I decided to start working on right now. To be shown later. =b

Anybody may use these ideas for their personal apps. I would just like to hear if others are interested in these types of apps in the comments.

~ Simply Advanced ~