Get Things Done - Priority List

Recently, a friend commended me for the ability to concentrate and stay productive throughout the day, day after day.

One thing about me is that I treat my [Internet] bookmarks and emails as a todo list. I also have a physical and virtual notepad on both my physical and virtual desktop where I keep track of things I want/need to do.

But, just having todo lists isn't enough for many people. So, for those who don't have the willpower to take a "just do it" attitude towards daily and/or important tasks, there is a solution.


  • Think of your todo lists as priority lists instead. And, there can only be one #1 priority task to do at a time. Then, just do that task without thinking whether or not you should do that one or something else.

Get started now. You don't need to waste time reading more productivity guides and how-to's; Any thing besides what's on the priority list will just waste your valuable time.

~ Simply Advanced ~

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