Quick Math - Apps and Ideas

tl;dr - Just skim the bullet points.

Just a quick look around on Google Search and I see that there are currently around 600,000 apps available in Google Play. (I don't include iOS apps because same apps are double counted for the iPad versions, so there are actually much less apps there.)

  • 600,000 different apps.

Now, anybody can see that there are multiple apps for every function that you want an app to perform. I will be lenient and say that there is on average 100 apps for every idea/function. Ex: 100 note-taking apps, 100 camera apps, 100 unit converters, flashlights, Angry Birds.. Some have less, some have many more repeats.

  • 6,000 unique apps
So, does that mean there are only 6,000 ideas in the world?

There's got to be more ideas, I'm sure we'll come up with them soon.

~ Simply Advanced ~

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