"Don't Know" When I Do Know

I answer a question with "I don't know" even though I may know the answer. It is a subconscious question,  "Does it really matter?" and an unconscious implicit "It doesn't matter."  I never really knew about these types of questions until I thought of it today. This is just a continuation of me trying to harness my subconscious mind by having the ability to think with it more. Meta-thought is where it's at.

Other times,
Explicitness is more beneficial, "I believe you know the answer if you think about it a little more."

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Software is Slower than Hardware

Maybe this has been obvious to you all the time, but I think it is actually too obvious to state out loud.

Does this make you think at all?

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Bookmark Motivation

Google Dashboard tells me I have 2630 bookmarks synced with Google. I am very surprised that I have this many webpages saved. The amount of folders I use makes it seem like I have maybe only a thousand bookmarks.

The main reason for this post: Looking through my huge list of bookmarks inspires/motivates me to do actual work. Bookmarks are a todo list for me. Eventually, I will know all the knowledge contained in them.

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Dream: Wheels in the Heels

Two nights ago I had a three-part dream. I don't really remember what the second two parts were about. But, the first one more than makes up for it.

The dream was about myself rolling around in my shoes, like Heelies. I was going everywhere in them, including class, through stores, and in my apartment. Sometimes I would get a running start before gliding across the world. It was cool to be in them. Though, I didn't see anybody else in the dream wearing them. I could imagine a world where everybody had Heelies.

I can definitely see myself in shoe wheels.

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Refundable and Non-refundable Airline Tickets

Airlines typically overbook their flights because they know there will always be people who cancel, and the airlines want to ensure that they have all the seats full to get maximum profit.

Well, how about airliners sell two types of tickets, a refundable kind and a non-refundable kind.

The refundable tickets would be marked up at a higher price to ensure potential passengers peace-of-mind, knowing they could get 80-90% of their money back if something came up at the last minute.

Also, airliners wouldn't have to worry too hard about filling seats because each of them are already paid for. 
  • Flights would cost a little less if nobody took the seats (because of the less weight from person and luggage - I know it is a very small percentage of overall weight)
  • Airlines could still sell the empty seat to make double profit
  • Airlines wouldn't have to bribe passengers to take a different flight if a flight is overfull

I'm not sure if they do this already, does anybody know?

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Holding My Breath

I just randomly decided to time how long I can hold my breath. I was thinking somewhere in the ballpark of one minute. But, at about 1'35" I looked at my watch and I was still holding on. Then, I just decided to stop right on the two minute mark because I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong...

I've always wondered how long I could hold my breath, but I never expected it to be this much. My previous max was maybe something like 1'45" when I was a lot smaller and swimming more often (I pretty much don't swim nowadays unfortunately).

Some things that may have contributed to my current two minute record:

  • Randomly, I hold my breath as long as I can. No reason that I can think of.
  • I slowed my respiratory rate down the minute before timing.
  • And something I read about before but never had the opportunity to test.. Take about four really deep quick breaths right before going for the record.

It works.

~ Simply Advanced ~