Refundable and Non-refundable Airline Tickets

Airlines typically overbook their flights because they know there will always be people who cancel, and the airlines want to ensure that they have all the seats full to get maximum profit.

Well, how about airliners sell two types of tickets, a refundable kind and a non-refundable kind.

The refundable tickets would be marked up at a higher price to ensure potential passengers peace-of-mind, knowing they could get 80-90% of their money back if something came up at the last minute.

Also, airliners wouldn't have to worry too hard about filling seats because each of them are already paid for. 
  • Flights would cost a little less if nobody took the seats (because of the less weight from person and luggage - I know it is a very small percentage of overall weight)
  • Airlines could still sell the empty seat to make double profit
  • Airlines wouldn't have to bribe passengers to take a different flight if a flight is overfull

I'm not sure if they do this already, does anybody know?

~ Simply Advanced ~

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