Blame the Brain

It's not my fault that my brain decided not to remember _______.

EDIT: "I tried, but my brain took over."

EDIT2: Dang conscious thinking not as smart as sub-conscious thinking.

EDIT3: "The brain didn't name itself, I did."

EDIT4: Talking to myself too.

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Riddle: How Many Women May a Man Marry?

Random joke/riddle that I remember from a long time ago.. =]

Q: How many women may a man marry?

(highlight for answer)
A: 16 (4 better, 4 worse, 4 richer, 4 poorer)

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New Quora Post - Happiness

In the weekly email I get from Quora (a great Q&A forum, possibly the best), I decided to answer one of the questions posed, "To be happier, what's the smallest, simplest thing an average person could do?"

Let me know your thoughts too.


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Windows 8 on a Mac

When people want Windows OS on a Mac they may think of dual booting or using a program like VMWare, VirtualBox, BootCamp, or Parallels to run the two simultaneously.

But, my roommate (Spence) and I experimented with another method to run Windows 7 and 8 on a Mac. We would replace the Mac's harddrive with the harddrive running Windows OS. Both were 2.5 inch.

What got us thinking on this track was that, first of all, the Mac wouldn't boot after being dropped. Us being computer savvy individuals, we didn't have another Mac lying around, but we did have an older Lenovo laptop that we thought we could possibly salvage parts from.

We took out the Mac harddrive, took out the Lenovo harddrive with Windows 7 and 8 dual booted, and swapped them. The process took less than ten minutes to figure out and complete.

The results?
Windows 8 runs beautifully on a 2009 aluminum uni-body Mac. Both Modern UI and desktop versions supported. And we were surprised that the Wi-Fi was easily connected to without installing any additional drivers.

The problems?
Initially, the trackpad only partially works (movement only, no clicking), but an external mouse does work flawlessly. Clicking and multitouch were added by installing the proper drivers for them. There may be a few more issues, but this is just a preliminary rundown of our experimental harddrive organ transplant.

If you also do a harddrive transplant, let us know! You can download some of Apple's drivers [at your own risk] from http://www.2shared.com/complete/J5_Inbmt/Apple_folder_from_Boot_Camp_Wi.html.

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Android Camera - A Problem I Spent Almost Twenty Hours On

Finally, there is a new post on my blog.SimplyAdvanced.net website. The last one I wrote was on 31 May 2012.

The Android development problem I talk about is the issues with the camera preview within onPreviewFrame() and setPreviewCallback(). The same code that worked for Android 2.2 didn't work for 4.0 and above.


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Sticky Notes Shortcuts You Didn't Know

The desktop application I am talking about today is Sticky Notes that comes standard in Windows.

I used to think that Sticky Notes was a featureless program. But, one day I decided to try out some formatting shortcut keys that I typically use in other Windows products. So, then I discovered that the application supports Ctrl+b for bold, Ctrl+e for aligning text to center, Ctrl+Shift+> for increasing text size, and more. This has made Sticky Notes much more useful than before.

I used to think that just writing on paper was the quickest way to keep notes and a todo list. But now, for efficiency, I use just one large Sticky Note on my desktop. This has the added benefit of not having to throw away physical paper.

List of hidden Sticky Notes shortcuts:
Decrease Font SizeCtrl+Shift+<
Increase Font SizeCtrl+Shift+>
Align Text LeftCtrl+l
Align Text RightCtrl+r
Bullet/Numbered ListsCtrl+Shift+L

I'd like the chance to answer any questions.
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How to Disable VLC Plugin in Google Chrome

VLC is the best media player in the market that plays just about any type of media file. But, one big flaw is its browser plugin. When it is running, there are no extra options to do anything with the media file.

Sometime I just rather download the file instead of watching it online. Then, that way I may speed up the video to 2x speed and watch it more efficiently. (It takes a bit of training in order to understand videos at 2x, I'd recommend starting off at 1.4x speed)

So, to disable VLC's plugin for Google Chrome

  1. type "chrome://plugins/" into the address bar (or omni bar) located at the top of Google Chrome.
  2. Search and find "VLC Web Plugin."
  3. Click on the "Disable" link.

You are done. There are no options in the desktop part of VLC to disable the web plugin. But now, you know how.

Google Chrome will now try to use another media plugin you have, or it will try to download the file.

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