How to Disable VLC Plugin in Google Chrome

VLC is the best media player in the market that plays just about any type of media file. But, one big flaw is its browser plugin. When it is running, there are no extra options to do anything with the media file.

Sometime I just rather download the file instead of watching it online. Then, that way I may speed up the video to 2x speed and watch it more efficiently. (It takes a bit of training in order to understand videos at 2x, I'd recommend starting off at 1.4x speed)

So, to disable VLC's plugin for Google Chrome

  1. type "chrome://plugins/" into the address bar (or omni bar) located at the top of Google Chrome.
  2. Search and find "VLC Web Plugin."
  3. Click on the "Disable" link.

You are done. There are no options in the desktop part of VLC to disable the web plugin. But now, you know how.

Google Chrome will now try to use another media plugin you have, or it will try to download the file.

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