Sticky Notes Shortcuts You Didn't Know

The desktop application I am talking about today is Sticky Notes that comes standard in Windows.

I used to think that Sticky Notes was a featureless program. But, one day I decided to try out some formatting shortcut keys that I typically use in other Windows products. So, then I discovered that the application supports Ctrl+b for bold, Ctrl+e for aligning text to center, Ctrl+Shift+> for increasing text size, and more. This has made Sticky Notes much more useful than before.

I used to think that just writing on paper was the quickest way to keep notes and a todo list. But now, for efficiency, I use just one large Sticky Note on my desktop. This has the added benefit of not having to throw away physical paper.

List of hidden Sticky Notes shortcuts:
Decrease Font SizeCtrl+Shift+<
Increase Font SizeCtrl+Shift+>
Align Text LeftCtrl+l
Align Text RightCtrl+r
Bullet/Numbered ListsCtrl+Shift+L

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