Food is Memory

Computer literate people will know that there are many different levels of computer memory -- more than just RAM and hard drives. As I was preparing my after-dinner snack (delicious Churros cereal), I thought that the food that I eat and have in my apartment is highly analogous to memory in a computer. I will succinctly explain the analogy from fastest to slowest memory.

Registers - Chewed food, ready for consumption
L1 Cache - Food in mouth
L2 Cache - Food in spoon
GPU - Food in bowl (Either eaten one spoonful at a time or gulping it down(parallel processing))
RAM - Food in box
Flash - Food in my room
Solid-state drive (SSD) - Food in the pantry
Hard drive - Food at the grocery store
Tape - Wherever food is before the stores
Cloud - Food that is still on the farm

~ Simply Advanced ~

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