Heaven's Advocate

As I'm arguing with my roommate the other day, as we do pretty much every day (in a healthy jokingly manner), I know I like playing Devil's Advocate, but I want to introduce a new term now, Heaven's Advocate.

If you don't see the good in something, then the Heaven's Advocate will find it for you.

 - A Devil's Advocate finds the "bad" points in your argument. A Heaven's Advocate will find the "good" part of your story.
 - When you talk with a Devil's Advocate, you are meant to get defensive. When you talk with a Heaven's Advocate, the same thing can be done.

Have any more ways of describing a person that likes to be Heaven's Advocate? (As not related to religion)
~ Simply Advanced ~

NOTE: You don't have to believe in a religion to use these terms. They just happen to coincide with terms that religious books use, but words evolve.

NOTE2: "Evolve" is another word that doesn't have to refer to Darwinism, which it was originally used (just one time in the book).

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