How to Completely Cancel All Print Jobs

This method works for at least Windows 7 (and Windows Vista). The following method is the hardcore way of restarting the print spooler if you are having trouble cancelling a print job.

In order to see how what jobs are in the print queue, open Start, then type/search for printer and press Enter. "Devices and Printers" should now be on your screen. It can also be found through the Control Panel.

How to Completely Cancel All Print Jobs (the easy and foolproof method):

  1. Open Start (shortcut: press the Windows key)
  2. Type/search for "services", then press Enter
  3. In the names, look for "Print Spooler", then Right-Click->Restart

You are done. Though, you may have to close and reopen the document queue in order to see the changes.

The harder method is to navigate through Control Panel->System->Administrative Tools->Services.

This is the only method that you need to know in order to completely cancel all print jobs. If you would like to know more ways of deleting print jobs, then don't hesitate in contacting me. =]

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