LegalZoom: Simply Advanced, LLC

Finally, just submitted all the documents and payments to LegalZoom so that Simply Advanced, LLC could be official. I heard a few good things about them and this is the real test for me. LegalZoom says that the filing process could take anywhere from 20-35 days. I will share with the world how the experience goes.

The application process on LegalZoom is relatively straightforward. On the first page, they say it will take about 15 minutes to complete. I'm sure I spent at least 30 minutes reading every question and help available. Be sure to read about the details of LegalZoom LLC creation before beginning the process. There are a few fees that they don't tell you about during the application process.

One interesting experience while filling out all of the forms was getting a phone call by one of the LegalZoom representatives. I didn't have any questions at the time, but I'm sure it can be really useful. And now I have the email and phone number of a specific representative, rather than an overarching number with menus and submenus.

I've read a lot about starting and running businesses already, but there is still a lot of business materials that I have to read before considering myself capable of running this business. It's time to learn fast by throwing myself into it.

~ Simply Advanced ~

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