LTE Discovery Update Version 2.0

Huge update to LTE Discovery! We could have called it version 1.34, but these drastic changes made us call this version 2.0. We are not calling this beta anymore!
Recent Updates in version 2.0. 1. Now distinguishes Phantom LTE signals from usable LTE2. Added BSID, SID, NID, date, and time information to GPS list3. The present network is displayed whenever app is open4. Optimized background tasks. (App works in background)5. GPS Coordinates list vastly improved, better formatting6. Ability to store more GPS coordinates of detected LTE signals7. Ability to clear GPS list8. Added a help page9. Change to Dark Holo theme10. Other UX and UI and performance improvements11. Many other bug fixes. All known bugs fixed.
Only available on Google Play for Android users.

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