Simply Advanced Unit Converter - 50000 Downloads!

It may not sound like much, but this one app has more downloads than all my other apps combined. Unit converters is a big market and this app has at least two features that don't appear in other unit converters.

This is easily my choice and many others' top choice for unit converters.


  • "Simply the best And I tried all of them"
  • "Does the job, quickly and cleanly Simple and straight forward interface makes quick conversions a breeze. Enter in your measurement, and all the related units are converted and updated instantly."
  • "Simple but the best No more complications just a simple complete unit converter."
  • "Great Improvement Looks and works great. Love the new logo. Keep it up!"
  • "Look no further Wouldn't even consider any other unit converter after this one."
  • "Powerful & straightforward Just what I needed for metric & temp conversions!"
..and that's just the on the first page. =D

Thank you everybody for supporting the app by giving it five stars!

Link: The best android unit converter in Google Play.

~ Simply Advanced ~

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