The Future of Memorizing Pi

According to the Pi World Ranking List, the top name has memorized 67890 digits of pi! And there are at least fifteen people worldwide that have memorized over 10000 digits of pi.

Before I quickly researched those numbers, I was thinking would a future record holder be able to calculate pi in their head? Eventually, humans are going to have computers connected to their brains. So, perhaps in twenty years we will be able to calculate pi in our heads and get a world record in the trillions of digits? Tens, of thousands of digits is already takes hours to complete.

I was able to say about 65 digits from memory in a 10 second interval, but this number may be a little lower to include breathing and speaking up for a microphone. So, I will go with about 50 digits per 10 seconds.

300 digits per minute.
18000 digits per hour.

This means that the Chao Lu of China took around 3.8 hours to say all the 67890 digits of pi. But, I'm going to assume that he paused a few times to drink and eat. So, that would bring the total to over 4 hours.

If you also want to memorize the digits of pi, then you can find the first 100000 digits of pi here.

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