Windows 8 Power Users

There is going to be a new paradigm with Windows 8. I'm not just talking about the Modern UI (also was known as Metro UI).

Microsoft provides users many advanced mouse functionalities that hasn't been natively including in an operating system.

Typically, when we think of power users, we think of experts at the keyboard that have memorized many shortcuts and snippets of code. But, the new paradigm shift from Windows 8 is going to provide people the ability to call themselves mouse power users. Perhaps more people will learn about mouse gestures because of this. I'd give it at least another two years before mouse gestures become more mainstream, not just the mouse device gestures.

Personally, I typically prefer the keyboard to mouse, so much so that I created a script that allows keyboards to perform a double-click. But, there are definitely some times that the mouse is faster. Also, for those who don't like to use the keyboard at all there are many programs that you can download to provide your mouse the ability to do pretty much anything.

 - Just Gestures
 - Mouse Gestures

Let me know your experiences with mouse gestures.

~ Simply Advanced ~

*I did not personally try out these programs

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