An Easier Way to Cook Rice

You may be thinking, rice is already easy enough to cook... just put in some rice and water and press the big button.

Don't be limited by your present notions of ease.

Don't be deceived by your preconceived notions of simplicity.

What if we didn't have to put in the water? What if we didn't have to put in the rice?

That sounds like a good future for me. And I'm sure a significantly advanced rice cooker could put whatever additional ingredients you wanted in there AND stir it!

Here's one way that this idea would work:
 - A separate silo for both the rice and water (either bag or hose to the main line).
 - An input for rice to water ratio, number of servings to make, and at what time to make it.
 - And, of course, have the ability for a smartphone app to control the device.

This reminds me.. automated pizza makers already exist.. and here's how this pizza vending machine is made.

More ideas that I didn't think too much about:
 - Ability to easily tilt rice container to make scraping out all of the grains to a plate easier.
 - Building it into a counter or wall.

~ Simply Advanced ~

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