Procrastination Hack: Think With Your Future Self

The present you and the future you are two different people. The future self has more experiences than your present self.

It is easy to think with your present self, and that's what most people do.

But, consider this, your future self:

  • Understands more than your present self
  • Knows more about what is better for yourself
  • Can see in retrospect

So which self would you rather think with?
Now, to tie this with a practical example -- the procrastination hack part.
What would your future self say at the present moment?

What does your present self want to do right now? Social media? YouTube?
What would your future wish you did right now? Learning? Went out with friends?

Remember, your future self will always be smarter than your present self. So, go ahead and raise your IQ, live a better life by thinking with your future self.

Comments welcomed.

~ Simply Advanced ~

ps - Another way of thinking about this is, what would you say to your younger self? How would you do things differently? Is there something that you wish you could change from the past?

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