Quick Notes - 20130221

  • "The Presentation of Self" by Erving Goffman (1959)
    • We define situations.
  • Microsociology, Erving Goffman
  • Wallflower, Perks of Being a
  • Movie: "Tootsie"
  • I now have a proper name for what I've been calling group think (peer influences), which is Solomon Asch and the Asch conformity experiments, aka Asch Paradigm.
  • It seems to be hard to overcome first interactions/experiences. Perhaps, that's because it is when our brain connections are first formed around the new topic. It's harder to break those connections than create new ones. Those new connections group/form around the initial connection. So, that initial feeling will be there for a long time.

  • The only "real" theories we have are based upon a human defined topic (i.e., Euclidean geometry where a line can't intersect itself and parallel lines don't cross)
  • I have tons of excuses, but none is sufficient enough excuse
  • Being deaf-ish in one ear, but still able to detect where sound comes from [audibly]. Perhaps the timing of sounds is used rather than the intensity of sound.
  • People who don't change their desktop background screen may be considered as "not tech-savy", but I haven't changed my screen from the default because I've gotten past procrastination. Changing the background does not significantly effect my ability positively enough to warrant time to look through the great choices of wallpapers that I have used in the past and the many more I have saved.

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