Answered: Outlook 2010 Not Able To Send Emails

Suddenly, I couldn't send emails anymore through Outlook, I could only receive. No settings were changed since when I first set up Outlook 2010 about two months ago.

I searched five minutes online and found a few promising answer, but no solutions. Anyways, the solution that worked for me was to change to using the SSL server instead of the regular mail.domain.com server. After changing the incoming and outgoing server addresses, mail in Outlook works again. In order to find the SSL addresses, look at the properties of your email provider. (This method was only tested connecting to Bluehost mail servers)

Other answer or way get Outlook to be able to send emails again:

  • Go to File->Account Settings->Account Settings->Double-click on the problem email.Then check the box that says "Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)"

If none of those solutions helped, then Microsoft provides a comprehensive guide on troubleshooting Outlook 2010.

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