GameMaker Versus GameMaker Studio

This post will answer the following questions and more like them:

  • "What is the difference between GameMaker 8.1 for Windows and GameMaker Studio?"
  • "Can I upgrade from GameMaker for Windows/Mac to GameMaker Studio?"
  • "Why doesn't the GameMaker licence key work?"

A quick search on the Internet for the above queries and the like do not give an answer. So, I just downloaded both of them and messed with available functions to figure it out. The following gives a basic overview of the differences between the two, which would have helped me when I was first starting. These are all the problems that I encountered when beginning.

  1. The regular GameMaker 8.1 for Windows (version 7 for Mac) is only for creating executables (.exe's) of games and easy exporting to YoYo Games for showcase. This is the version that can be upgraded for $39.99.
  2. No, GameMaker for Windows/Mac is different than the GameMaker Studio suite. I purchased the GameMaker: Studio™ Standard, got the licence key, and tried it multiple times in the GameMaker 8.1 Lite, but it didn't work.
  3. The GameMaker licence key probably doesn't work because you are trying to use a Studio key on the basic version or vise-versa. You need to download the GameMaker Studio version, then input the licence key there. There is also a link to download the proper version in the confirmation email that you will receive.

I hope this helps.

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