How to Save Money When Upgrading GameMaker

GameMaker is a great cross-platform game development tool. It is great for making 2D games very fast and with one code base, GameMaker can export to all major platforms, including Windows Phone, Windows 8, Android, iOS, Linux (Ubuntu), Mac, HTML5 and more. GameMaker is well worth its price.

But, I'm here to save you more money. Myself and others have purchased the GameMaker: Studio Standard version ($49) and wanted to upgrade to GameMaker: Studio Professional version ($99).

If you have purchased the standard version, then the professional version will only cost $50. What you need is your standard version's license key to save money. If you don't have it, then retrieve it at: http://www.yoyogames.com/my_licences

Then, when you go to the Buy Professional page. You can input your license key to save money on the upgrade. Click Upgrade as soon as enter the key. See picture below.
Save money when upgrading.

As soon as you click Upgrade the total price will be updated to show changes. Congrats, you just saved $50!

You can save money when upgrading from any [paid] version of GameMaker when using this method. This includes going from GameMaker Lite (8.1) to GameMaker: Studios.
Official GameMaker License Upgrades Summary

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ps - There's another deal going on now for the GameMaker: Studio Master Collection version. Typically, it is $499. But, until the March 31th, it will be on sale for $199 for Professional users. So, about $300 total. More details: http://www.yoyogames.com/news/145

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