Brainstorming - The Bad Idea Theory

Imagine you are in a group trying to brainstorm. One of the worst things that could happen is nobody talking and each person thinking that another is going to come up with the great idea . There are a few ways to get around this:

First, the overall premise for creativity is divergent, then convergent thinking; First, one must expand their thinking, then follow up with narrowing down the many different ideas/tangents to something to act upon.

Method A - Use the Bad Idea Theory. Another person calls it the McDonald's Theory. Basically, when nobody has any ideas, one should suggest a really bad idea. After that, ideas will magically be thought of by others. Others in the brainstorming group will know that whatever they say can't possibly be any worse than what was first said.

Method 1 - Think individually, collectively. This method involves paper and pencil. Everybody starts off with a blank sheet of paper. The idea is for everybody in the group to write down at least three "random" things related to the topic at hand, then pass the paper to the left. Then, the next person should expand on whatever is written down on the paper. Continue passing all the papers around until all have written on it, then continue talking about each of the papers as a group. This method has the benefits of thinking solo and thinking as a group. Though, it may take a little longer, good ideas are worth it.

Method a - Round robin. Or whiteboard. Typical case, there should be a "leader" of the pack which specifically asks each person what they are thinking so that everybody contributes. Each person has had different experiences in their life. This is the most common because it is the easiest.

What are some other group brainstorming ideas?

May the 6th be with you, (you can think of a better exit line than that? VSRNE,)
~ Simply Advanced ~

ps - No examples given, because thinking is good for your health.

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