Google Play Developer Console: How To Upload Required Graphics (Icons and Screenshots)

I've been asked many times, "what size logos do I need to upload to Google Play's Developer Console?" and "how many screenshots do I need to take?" So, here's a post that I point people to that explains everything you need to know about uploading graphics to the developer console in order to have an app published.

A very important point to remember: These images that are uploaded are one of the main factors potential users use to determine if they want to download it or not. They may not even read the description if you have an ugly app logo. Invest wisely in a great logo (either time or money). Google Play also allows each app to have one YouTube video associated with it and appear in the description. This is a highly effective way of showing that your potential users want to use your app.

The first part of this post will give a walkthrough on how to upload the required graphics to the developer console and the second part will have more resources for designers.

1. Walkthrough
  1. Go to https://play.google.com/apps/publish/ and select the app that you want to add the graphic assets to. You may either have to click "All Applications" in the top left or "Publish an Android App on Google Play" if this is the first app you are creating (create a title and click "prepare store listing").
  2. You should now be in the "Store Listing" section for your app of choice. Scroll down until you see "Graphic Assets." The screenshots section should be the first graphic assets to add.
  3. Now, you can either drag the screenshots onto the "Add Screenshot" box or click the box and browse to where the image is located. A minimum of two screenshots are required before the app can be uploaded to Google Play.
  4. Scroll down a little more until you see "High-res icon". This is the final required graphic asset that must be added before publishing. It should be 512x512px. See 4. Summary below to see more details.

2. Resources - Things change, so here's a link to the official Google Play Design Guide that all developers, designers, and Android app publishers should read.
  • Android Icon Design Guidelines. Here's some tips for designers to work more easily with developers. Designers, please follow these guidelines when creating assets for Android. It will just make things so much easier for developers. The biggest thing is to not have any spaces or capital letters in the file name.
  • All About Launcher Icons. Launcher icons are the icons that users see when they install the app; It is what they must click on to open the app. You don't want your icon to be so bland that the user can't easily distinguish it from the many other apps they have already downloaded.

3. Bonus: Google Play Protips
  • Google Play allows you to create localized versions of your graphics. Think about translating any descriptions and titles on your graphics to the other languages you support.
  • And always, do market research (or due diligence) to make sure that you aren't trying to upload the same style icon/logo as another app. Your app will seem like the spammy one. You want to have a distinguished style to set yourself apart from others (but not too different). Check out the Android Iconography

4. Summary: Graphic and Image Assets
  • Screenshots (Two Required)
    • Allowed up to 8 screenshots for each different device (phone, 7" tablet, 10" tablet)
  • High Resolution Icon (Required)
    • 512x512, 32-bit PNG w/alpha. This is the icon that is shown to users in Google Play
  • Feature Graphic (Optional, but recommended)
    • 1024x500, 24-bit PNG no alpha
  • Video (Optional link to a YouTube video, recommended)
  • For more information: https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/1078870?hl=en
Source: http://blog.simplyadvanced.net/google-play-developer-console-how-to-upload-required-graphics-logos-and-screenshots/

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