How To Get Started With Publishing Apps On Google Play

First of all, if you have never created a Google Play publisher account, then see: http://developer.android.com/distribute/googleplay/publish/register.html

That link above will walk you through the steps necessary to be able to upload apps on Google Play and start making money from them.

When creating a new account you will have to go through a few easy steps and pay $25 to setup the account. Then you should appear at a screen that looks like the following:
Google Play Developer Console Home Screen
The options are self-explanatory. But, the first thing that you would probably want to do is set up a merchant account in the bottom-right. This is how you will be able to accept in-app purchases and create paid apps. The second step for you probably (if you aren't a developer) is to invite co-workers to the developer console in the bottom-left. This will allow you to invite by email your developer to upload the Android APK (app packages that users download and install on their device). You can also invite your graphics designer so that they may upload all of the required logos and screenshots. And either yourself or a copywriter can fill in the app description and promo description.

I will eventually create more posts that explain exactly how to perform each of the roles for the developer, designer, and copywriter. I know how to do each of these because of the many Android apps that I've successfully published. If you are also doing each aspect of the app publishing, then I highly recommend reading http://developer.android.com/design. There is a lot of highly useful information there. But, don't limit yourself to just that one great resource. It takes a lot of knowledge to have a highly successful app.

Source: http://blog.simplyadvanced.net/how-to-get-started-with-publishing-apps-on-google-play/

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