The Outer Limits (Television Show) New Jesus

There are many great episodes that come to mind specifically when I think about The Twilight Zone or The Other Limits. Each one of them expand your thinking to new dimensions or allows you to see something in a new light.

It took quite a searches to find one episode in particular regarding religion. I tried to search queries such as, "the twilight zone new jesus", "the outer limits (tv show) religion", and many more searches that progressively got longer until something like "(tv show OR movie OR video) guy preaches, bible in his hand gets shot, he dies and he replaces jesus". Those long queries didn't even help so I had to start looking through each of The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limit shows' summaries one by one until I found the show that I was looking for.

The main episode I was interested shows a sample of what blind religion is and could be: The Outer Limit's "Revival" episode.

Whilst looking for that episode I found another interesting one that I kept running into when looking for the above show. It's about finding the DNA of Jesus and using in vitro fertilization to bring about the second coming of Jesus: The Outer Limit's "The Shroud" episode.

I could explain the full videos in just a few paragraphs in order for the reader to save more time, but I wouldn't want to take away from how awesome the series of The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone are. Even though I talk about and link to two of The Outer Limits shows, in my opinion The Twilight Zone is better overall. The later expands one thinking in even more directions.

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