Hypothesis: Happiness Cannot Cause Stress

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I am trying to find an example where happiness causes stress. As of today, I have found no other pages on the web that say "happiness cannot cause stress", but there are [11 Google][9 Bing]  unique results for "happiness causes stress" (Google says 330 results at first, but as soon as you go to the next page it says how they are all very similar to the first 11). The results for "happiness causes stress" show there are a few spam sites, happiness causing stress for others, social happiness, and one interesting result of "the pursuit of happiness causes stress". No results indicated any example of happiness causing stress for an individual.

Happiness and stress can occur at the same time. BUT, the reason for the happiness is not the same reason for the stress. Ex: Your favorite sports team is ahead a few points in the finals. You should be happy that your team is winning, but you may be stressed because it is a close game that could still go either way.

I am very open to hear rebuttals. I've already talk to a few others about this and there seems to always be another cause for the stress that isn't the happiness itself. Ex: You got into grad school. You should be happy that all of your hard work finally paid off, but you may be stressed because you know there is even more hard work coming up and you aren't 100% that you will get all the way through it.

A common denominator for stress in these examples seems to be the unknowing of the future; anxiety.

Once you know the real root for the cause of stress, it should be easier to overcome and start relaxing more. One idea to get you started is to not worry (or worry less) about things you have no control over.

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