Idea: The Natural World Describes Human Tendencies

(Title was going to be something like "Spontaneity in the Living Room", but I felt this needed an easier way to ease people into this post full of science-y words, for real)

Yesterday, I was cleaning my apartment's living room and purposely rearranged the entire living room to make the cleaning part more efficient. Also, I like the idea of changing the scenery from the usual every now and then. All the furniture is pushed to one side of the room (the far side). Then, looking at the arrangement, this got me thinking...

This is not an optimal setup for a room. It is not very usable, beside the large open floor space. The side with all the furniture also feels really crowded.

By leaving all of the furniture out of the way, the room will naturally fall into a local optimum form that allows us to accomplish whatever we need to. The way I generalized this phenomenon yesterday was saying nature tends towards equilibrium, and less chaos, as long as there is enough activation energy.

- Spontaneity describes physics as well as human nature in this real-world application.
- I can use chemistry/physics terms to describe and graph and human nature.

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