Idea: Delete All Your Music

(Do you like discovering new things? Or do you feel that you are in a musical rut?)

Well, I love music and have a playlist for every occasion and in just about every genre.

Or so I think...

This next experiment has three steps:
1. The first is "deleting" all your music off your computer. (When I say delete, you can just move them or choose not to access them.) This way you aren't temped as easily to just go back to the old ways.
2. Forget about all of your favorite artists. You are biased, so you can try to limit your biases.
3. Search online for "Random Music" or "Music discovery service". The later is probably better if you feel that you are picky about your music.

Try this out for a week. And I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results and the great new artists and music discover services that you find.

~ Simply Advanced ~

ps - In order to keep my biases out of the process, I decided to keep my favorite music discovery services off this post. If you would like to know them, then please feel free to message me and add me on Google Plus. On non-mobile screens, there is a link somewhere on the right side of the page.

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