Topic: Electronics Prices

When you buy a product, would you want to know the exact date it was going to break and stop working?

How about this, I'll give you a product for $50 cheaper and give you the exact date it will fail. Nothing to worry about at all. The device will work 100% for until the expiry date. You know when exactly to buy the replacement. If you are satisfied with my product, then I will give you another one with the same condition or probably better.

Do you know of another product like this one? Where you know the exact date it will break or stop working?

Well, it is kind of like a phone contract? You know it will stop working in exactly two years as per the contract.

Ex: Buy a laptop. It could last one year or five years depending on use, care, and lucky quality of device. What if you can get a guarantee that it would work for two years exactly, but then you would have to replace it?

This laptop could be cheaper because manufacturers know people will need to buy a new one, thus more revenue. And the specs will be better in the replacement too. Conclusion? This deal is good for people who have a hard time keeping care of their items. It is a worse deal for people who know how to maintain their products.

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