Arguing Versus Debating

(These two words may be synonyms at a basic level, but can mean two different things.)

It is useless to have two different words mean the exact same thing.

Typically, there are different levels of meaning (i.e., big vs huge vs gargantuan). But, unfortunately, it takes a long time to learn the specific differences/intricacies between all of the words we use. So, in order for us to better communicate our thoughts to one another, I write this post. Here is goes:

I don't like to argue. But, I do like to debate.

If I ever say, "I don't like/want to argue", then this is really what I mean...

Here's my common definitions for "arguing":
- At a rudimentary level, "complaining for the sake of it".
- At a basic level, "explaining, using logical fallacies".
- From a chess perspective, "perfectly symmetrical debating that has stalemated 5+ moves ago (think: KvK)".

Here's my common definitions for "debating":
- At an elementary level, "listing pros and cons"
- At a fundamental level, "two sides taking turns, presenting their ideas to the other. Typically has an outcome."
- From a military/infantry perspective, "arguing in the form of bounding overwatch, where progress is achieved."

If you have any comments about arguing versus debating, then I'd like to hear you in the comments below.

~ Danial Goodwin ~

ps - One reason I like to spend time to write posts is so that:
1. I can better understand myself,
2. Others can better understand me,
3. Others can better understand themselves,
4. Others can better understand each other,
5. And, if there are comments, then I can better understand others. ;]

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