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Every month, I get a new activity report from Google. This report tells me all the things my Google account has been up to for the past month.

It's great to see how many sign-ins I've had, how many more sites/apps/services that I've connected to, and a lot more. I have a general idea of all the services I log on to with Google, and I use Google Account Activity (beta) as another security precaution also.

This post is mainly about all of the emails I have received and sent this past month (12 October 2013 to 08 November 2013). As my apps get more popular, I've been receiving many more emails daily. Though, I am grateful for all the feedback. It will only make the apps better.

Too many emails for somebody that likes inbox zero
Yeah, that's 1,115 emails received and 233 emails sent for this four week period (28 days).

Doing a little math, that's about 39.8 emails received everyday and 8.3 emails sent per day.

I do my best to respond to emails within 24 hours, but sometimes they might get missed unfortunately. That's why in each of my email signatures, I include, "I welcome VSRE emails. Learn more at vsre.info". Because, if somebody emails and wants/needs "very short reply expected", then more likely it is I will respond right away rather than waiting until I have more time to write a proper response.

This is just the beginning of my endeavor as an app developer; 100k downloads means there is definitely still room for growth.

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