Danial Versus Games

Whenever I get the sudden thought to play a game, I think how much more satisfying it will be to just create a game instead. Or at least create another app.

Random story that I remember:

I first got into computer programming in high school by editing the source code of a popular MMORPG (Runescape) in order to make it better. The language was Java, but at that time I just knew it as code. And, with no prior coding experience I could understand and walk through much of source code without looking up what different words meant. I just thought that was cool, it felt great how everything just clicked together. But, it actually wasn't until a few years later as a sophomore in college that I actually decided to get into computer engineering and take my first real logic and programming class (basically, the school said I choose a specific degree to work towards. I just wanted to learn everything).

Coding has the elements that playing games offer:

  • There are highs and lows
  • There are easy parts and hard parts
  • You can save and resume at any time. Or even start over

And coding has even more great elements only available in some games:

  • Levels are always evolving
  • They can be single player/coder or multiplayer/coder
  • As you work on more parts, you "level up"
  • Instead of spending money, you make money ;)

~ Simply Advanced ~

ps - I like how originally this was just going to be a 1-2 sentence post.. ;]

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