Danial Versus Oreos And Milk

Many people love to eat Oreo brand cookie sandwiches, some find the Oreo eating experience better with milk.

One way to have milk with an Oreo is to eat them separately, but together. I.e., first a bite of Oreo, then a swig of milk, then repeat.

Another great way to combine the two great products is to first dip the Oreo into a cup of milk for a few seconds, then enjoy how moist and soft the cookie is.

The third main way to enjoy both foods, and my personal favorite method, is as follows:

  1. Place Oreo in on tongue in mouth.
  2. Sip enough milk to barely drown the Oreo.
  3. After waiting a few seconds, eat/drink both together.
Pro tip: You can break the Oreo in half in your mouth in order to create a larger surface area for the milk to interact with the Oreo.

Out of these three methods, I believe that method 3 is the most efficient and satisfying way to enjoy an Oreo cookie with milk. But, out off pretend fairness, I will compare the pros (and cons) of method 2 and 3.

Method 2 Pros:
  • You could just dip half of the Oreo into milk if you wanted to.
  • You get to say that you can dip an Oreo in milk.
Method 3 Pros:
  • Fingers don't get cold from the milk
  • There is no cup small enough to worry about getting your hand stuck.
  • When there is a low amount of milk left in the cup, it doesn't matter.
  • By breaking up the Oreo in your mouth you create more surface area for the milk to react with the cookie and the cookie softens faster.
  • There are no sad Oreo pieces left in the bottom of the milk cup.
If you have any opinions related to Oreos and milk, then I'd be happy to hear about it.

~ Danial Goodwin ~

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