Infinity Universe

I can only conclude that the universe has always been. I'll provide the argument from two different perspectives in this post - from the science side and from the religion side.

The major contender is the Big Bang Theory. If that were the case, then eventually more scientists will start asking what caused the big bang? And, what came before that?
There will always be cyclic thinking that something always came before. Ergo, the universe has always been around in some form [as far as we know/believe].

Religion: (most theism should fit)
The universe is basically defined as everything/totality (sidenote: a universe of multiverse, paradox?). So, whenever there was a deity, there was also a universe. Most religions believe that their deity has always been. Thus, the universe has always been [as far as we know/believe].

I'd be happy to hear more academic dialog about this. Just let me know in the comments.

 - Danial Goodwin -

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