Money In The Bank 2

So, awhile back I wrote a post titled, "Money In The Bank Is Freedom On My Back". I just thought of a small extension to it, so sharing away!!

Last time, in an uncharacteristic fashion, I wrote from a single biased perspective. So, I want to make it up this time by better covering multiple perspectives about "money in the bank".

To begin my basic research, this time I opted for the auto-complete feature of search engines.

From a Google search beginning with that phrase, I found:
- "Money in the bank is like toothpaste in the tube"
- "Money in the bank is safe"
- My blog post
- "Money in the bank is stupid"
- "How much money in the bank is insured"
- "Money in the bank is peace of mind"

All of these seem like reasonable perspectives, or at least understandable. When using Chrome's incognito mode, only the last "peace of mind" one shows up.

From a Bing search beginning with that phrase, "money in the bank is " (note the extra space after is), I found:
- "Money in the bank is it m1"
- "Money in the bank in the water"
- "Money in the bank in hot springs ar"

Then I noticed more results when I didn't put the extra space after "is". These results included the ones from above and more:
- "Money in the bank images"
- "Money in the bank injuries"
- "Money in the bank singer"
- "Money in the bank instrumental"

This blog post was suppose to be about me extending my previous money blog post. But, these are very interesting results. I probably should write another post just on the results (I did right here: Money In The Bank 3). The very interesting thing about these results is that it shows what type of people use each search engine! So many things can be said about each search engines' users. Here's just one of the ideas before I link to my full write-up on these results. Google users appear to be straightforward. Bing users appear to be more influenced by media (click here to read more search engine user analysis).

Anyways, getting back on to the original topic. It appears that 2 auto-complete answers are okay with money in the bank, and the other 2 societal answers are against money in banks, oh, and one isn't sure yet. Also, I have a few more perspectives of my own. I'll summarize all the the different thoughts below, in a tree:

"Money in the bank" is..:

  • Good
    • Money is safe
      • At least it grows more than money under the bed.
    • Freedom to be yourself, not have to work in disliked job. Freedom to travel.
    • Available anywhere
  • Bad
    • Banks are evil
    • Can't/refuse to think ahead (...then typically spend right away)
    • There are better ways to use money
      • Make experiences / help others
      • Make more money (...then do the above)
        • Greed
        • Ambition
  • Neutral
    • Just don't know
    • Don't have money
    • "no interest rate" (Technically, getting more money ~0.1%-1% interest, but technically losing money because of ~3% inflation)

When I started this post, I did not know there were going to be this many different thoughts about it. And, these are all big picture still. If anybody else things of more, then I will gladly edit this "chart" to reflect that, and include the idea-er's name.

The real reason I started writing this post was to talk about what's the difference between greed and ambition?

Oh no, time's up for this post. ;)

~ Simply Advanced ~

ps - Maybe it's perspective on life. That may or may not be all of it.

pps - Always time for postscripts. ;) ;)

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