Construct 2: Exporting To Windows Phone Part 2

So, part 1 of issues isn't enough. The next issue happened when trying to create screenshots for the Windows Phone upload. A screenshot size of 768x1280 is required. Unfortunately, my Windows Phone 8 (Lumia Nokia 820) only takes screenshots at 480x800. Also, I'd rather not scale up the images that much, making them possibly pixelated and not as pleasant for viewers with devices of high fidelity. So, I learned that the default emulator also captures screenshots at 480x800.

Here's what I missed:
- I should have chosen the WXGA emulator, not the WVGA emulator. Just a slight difference there.

Now, everything's all good. I should have anymore hiccups as I publish this Windows Phone app made with Construct 2.

I found a use for the 480x800 screenshot I took. ;)

~ Danial Goodwin ~

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