Creating Windows Apps With Construct 2

I plan on creating 100 games with Construct 2. I'll be writing about all/most of my experiences of using the program. Originally, I was thinking about creating a separate blog for just this endeavor, but I already have too many blog concurrently. So, posts in this blog with be tagged "construct 2" and "c2" when they are related to this.

Goals for each game:
 - I must learn something for every game I create.
 - I must feel reasonably good about them. Though, they also may not be my best work.
 - These games should be publishable.
 - At first, the games will only be published to the Windows 8 Store and Windows Phone Store.

Why only Windows?
Mainly because it's currently the best platform to publish to. The Windows platforms may not have the largest market share, but they still do have millions upon millions of users. Soon, just about ever computer will be running Windows 8, and they will need apps to download, my apps. ;)

After goals:
After accumulating all the knowledge that comes from creating 100 different games. I mostly likely will update the most popular ones with more levels/features. Then, we'll see. =]

~ Danial Goodwin ~

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