Idea: Reusable Fast Food Bags (Problems Solutions, and More)

There is a lot of waste coming from every purchase of fast food - bags, boxes, wrappers, etc.

What if, instead of throwing everything away every time, we could use a reusable bag, just like the trend is starting at grocery stores?

One problem with this is that the bag may get dirty over time from the french fries, grease, and other materials.
Some solutions:
 - Recycle the bag after it has been used so many times.
 - Wash the bag.
 - Have better wrappers for food put inside of bag.
 - Make it a self-cleaning bag. Read more.

The above handles at least the to-go bag.

Another problem is the wrappers and boxes that the main sandwiches/hamburgers go in. Even if they are made out of paper or cardboard, they are still thrown away. So, how do you make a reusable box if it keeps getting dirty/soiled by the sandwich.

Solution: Add a super hydrophobic and/or another non-stick surface to it. Here's one example for superhydrophobic. As for non-stick, I've seen a few videos of ketchup (and more things) not sticking to the insides of bottles or other places with the added non-stick surface.

~ Danial Goodwin ~

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