Level Up! Applying Textures to Graphics

Before today, I had no idea how to apply textures to a picture, nor how long it would take. I now know that it takes less than five minutes once you have the graphics. And, this was my first time doing it! And, I didn't even look up how to do this texturizing thing. I had a lucky guess that just worked. My choice of graphics program was Paint.NET.

 Here's some screenshots of the work: A before, an after, and my final app that I'm producing for kids. Big kids too if you like. ;]

First, I put the texture (candy cane) in one layer and put the object in a different layer .

2. Use the magic-wand-selector to select the text. 3. Change layers. 4. Copy. 5. Paste in a new project.

Here's how it looks in the app, Help Santa!

+1 Graphics skill level!

~ Danial Goodwin ~

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