Thoughts I Think-Thank-Thunk

(See post for some new ideas, start with #3 of 11)

First one, subconsciously thought from The Grinch, maybe, "stink, stank, stunk".

Another title I was thinking of was, "Thinks I Thought" instead of "Thoughts I Think". In modern American language, this is okay, enough.

3. How bouncy would a bounce house be inside another bounce house?
3.1. How bouncy would a bounce be if you bounced inside a bounce house inside a bounce house...?

4. If you aren't thinking of anything, then what is your brain doing?

5. If somebody had a "mid-life" crisis at 23, would they only live to 46? Or what term would/should be used to describe this crisis?

6. Regarding "Dead End" signs, how did End die and why are there so many placemarkers?

7. Cold toilet seats? Use a hair dryer. Lifehack!

8. There is at least one reason that toilet paper can be put "backwards" on a roll, which is, if you have a pet that likes to swipe down at the roll, then it won't be unravelled when it is "backwards".

9. A store layout could be modeled after the Seven Bridges of Konigsberg (or similar/tougher style), in order to have people having to traverse sections at least twice.
9.1. In this layout the "bridges" would be the large showcase areas and the different sections of the town would just be small points.
9.2. Or maybe that isn't a good idea because customers could just skip an area instead. In that case, make sure big items are there to draw people in.

10. When our perceived knowledge starts to vastly exceed our experience, things start to become dangerous.
10.1. Aka, when you think you know more than you really do. I forget what I was working on when this occurred to me.

11. Regarding "People want what they can't have." If they could have it and wanted it, then they would have already gotten it?

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~ Danial Goodwin ~

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