Construct 2: Reporting Bugs for Windows Phone 8

For the past few WP8 apps I've been creating using Construct 2, I've been manually making the necessary bug fixes myself. Today I've decided to properly report three of these bugs to the developers of Construct 2. My last bug report that I sent to them a few weeks ago was fixed. And, I expect the same with these bugs, especially, since I described them almost like I fixed it for them. ;)

The three errors reported:
WP8 Export: Fullscreen not being set
WP8 Export: App title not carrying over to WP8
Windows Phone 8 Export, no apostrophes allowed

In the meantime, until these errors are fixed, you can visit the links to see how I solved the problems manually. If the links don't work, then that most likely means that the bug has been fixed and the bug report post has moved to a different place.

UPDATE: Each of these reported bugs have now been fixed! Construct 2, release 157

~ Danial Goodwin ~

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