Level Up: Nerdiness: Mod Japanese Super Famicom Games to Play in US Super Nintendo Consoles

Thus, my Nerd level has once again increased after today's completion of modding my Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) so that I can play my ~20 Famicom games on there.

Thanks to MakeUseOf for pointing me in the right direction.

I learned that there was no software restricting the pay of the Japanese games on the American consoles. There was just two small pieces of plastic restricting the cartridge from sitting properly inside. American cartridges have two grooves on the back and the Japanese cartridges are flat.

It seems a lot easier to cut the plastic restrictions off inside the console, compared to creating indentations on each of the games.

The website used only a wire cutter to remove the excess plastic that was in the way, inside the SNES. After discovering that the closest pair of wire cutters next to me were too big, I reach for the next closest thing, which just happened to be a saw.

The oscillating/vibrating saw worked perfectly. It was made to cut flush against surfaces, and that's exactly what happened.

One other note. Japanese cartridges are a little less narrow than the US counterparts, so you have to be a little more careful when inserting them. But, it shouldn't be difficult.

Have fun!

~ Danial Goodwin ~

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