Level Up: Paint.NET: Create Large Image From Small Image Source

In trying to create a logo for my newest game, I had a few images that were 32x32 pixels. So, my first thought for the logo was just a mash up with all of them. And, that looked something horrific, like:

A mashup of small pixelated icons
And, if that were scaled up to the size I needed, it would be even more pixelated, which I did not want for this game. So, I thought for a few seconds to determine what I were to do if I weren't lazy. Using my design background and my like for being minimal, I've decided to just create an image of my own that wouldn't be pixelated. If I were to just blow up an 32x32 image to 1000x1000, here's what it would look like:

This is worse than pixelation
Solution, in order to capture the essence of the game in just a single simple icon, I determined that the bomb disguised as a coin would best represent most of the game. Hopefully, it would also provide a little bit of intrigue to get users to click on it.

Final image, using only my own circles, lines, and rounded rectangles. Oh, and the practical use of Gaussian Blur for the level up! =]

Btw, you can play the free beta version at Simply Advanced Games. Coinqueror is coming soon for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

~ Danial Goodwin ~

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